What Happens After Detox?

Do you know what happens after detox? Well, in fact, that actually depends on you. The most common recommendation is to transition to rehab, but many people decide they are ready to go home. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as attending a Tampa FL detox center is only the foundation and a building block in your recovery. Without rehab, you are more likely to return to drug and alcohol use. However, why is this the case and how can rehab make all the difference?

Understanding What Happens After Detox Without Rehab

What happens after detox exactly?If you fail to enter rehab after detox, you are setting yourself up for failure and relapse. A medical detox program completely rids your body of the substance you have been abusing, but it doesn’t prepare you for a life of sobriety. When you return home, there will be numerous triggers, stressors, and environmental and social factors that can influence you in a negative light. During rehab, you learn more about these triggers, how you react to them, and what you can do to overcome them without reaching for drugs and alcohol.

The key to rehab is effective therapy and treatment at drug and alcohol detox centers. This will give you a better understanding of your addiction and its root causes. Therefore, you can practice what you learn in rehab once you return home. Your counselors will be there as well, to help you talk through any situations that made you feel uncomfortable after rehab.

It’s imperative to have this support during your recovery. It’s well known that recovery is a lifelong journey, and without rehab and aftercare, you are more likely to fall victim to relapse and possible overdose.

Therefore, what happens after detox is completely dependent on your commitment to sobriety.

The Benefits of a Rehab Setting

Residential rehab care is usually the best possible option after detox. Here, you live at the facility in which you receive treatment. This form of care completely removes you from any outside influences, such as the people and environment that led to your addiction in the first place.

During this time, you will learn more about yourself, including your thoughts, behaviors, and actions and how they influence your addiction. Once you learn, you can then begin to develop more positive thoughts and behaviors. This life skills training is invaluable when it comes to relapse prevention and the development of coping mechanisms. At this point, what happens after detox is a recovery that you can feel confident with.

Beat Your Addiction Today

Addiction doesn’t have to be a never-ending story in your life. In fact, you have all the power to make what happens after detox a positive and healthy experience. To learn more about the best addiction treatment centers in Florida, contact us today at 866-223-5241. With medication assisted treatment, you can overcome withdrawal safely.