What is medication assisted treatment in the detox setting? This is a question that many people ask before entering detox. Therefore, it’s important to understand your addiction and how MAT can help you move forward in recovery.

Understanding What is Medication Assisted Treatment

Specifically, what is medication assisted treatment?Specifically, medication assisted treatment (MAT) is a way to ease and manage withdrawal symptoms during the detox process. This type of treatment is common in a medical detox program. Depending on the substance you are entering detox for, the facility may offer medication management as a way to comfort you during the process. This medication will include complete supervision and guidance at all times by a professional.

Furthermore, these medications are only available in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies. You must commit to both in accordance with your addiction treatment experts before receiving medication. For example, these addiction therapy services and programs may include:

Each day, these experts will take note of your withdrawal symptoms and make any necessary adjustments. In most cases, the adjustments will be minor. This is why it’s important to understand the drug and alcohol detox timeline. When you enter detox, the unknown can be overwhelming and scary. With proper guidance, you will not have to worry about the journey ahead. Therefore, you can completely focus on your detox and recovery.

Benefits of a Medical Detox Program

Now that you know, what is medication assisted treatment, it’s important to learn more about the medical detox process. In most cases, detox lasts between five and seven days. During this time, you receive complete medical supervision, guidance, and treatment to ensure you completely rid your body of the substance in question. However, in severe cases, the detox process can last longer.

The key to a medical detox program is providing comfort and safety during this difficult time. We understand that detox can be an overwhelming journey and one of the most difficult stages of your recovery. With around-the-clock supervision and support, you won’t feel alone as you overcome the challenges of addiction.

With medication assisted treatment, you won’t have to worry about severe drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms getting the best of you. We can manage these symptoms so you can completely focus on your detox. Specifically, the medication and prescription will depend on a wide range of factors. These include the length of substance abuse, the amount you were using, and the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.

Find Sobriety With Medication Assisted Treatment in Detox

Don’t try to face substance abuse detox alone. This is a major mistake that many people make. In fact, some individuals feel that they can overcome addiction on their own because they do not believe their addiction is strong. However, this will not be clear until an original assessment of your substance abuse.

By understanding what medication assisted treatment is, you can recognize its immediate benefits in detox. For more information about our medical detox program, contact our staff today at 866-223-5241. Take this life-changing opportunity to make a difference in your life and get back on the right track to sobriety and overall wellness.