Addiction Treatment Experts in Tampa, Florida

The foundation to a successful medical detox program is medical supervision and care. However, this must include addiction treatment experts that have the training, expertise, and experience to ensure your safety at all times. Without trust between you and your doctors, you cannot completely focus on your recovery.

Florida is Home to the Best Addiction Treatment Experts

Overall addiction treatment experts in FL.If you are looking to enter detox in Tampa, Florida, then you have come to the right place. In fact, Tampa is home to some of the best addiction treatment experts in the country. For instance, Dr. Derek Robben is considered the top addiction psychiatrist in the area for the past three years by Tampa Magazine. He’s been recognized for his work and is currently the Director of the Addiction Psychiatry Residency Program at USF, along with being the Medical Director at BoardPrep Recovery Center.

If you are also struggling with mental health concerns along with your addiction, Tampa is also home to Dr. Jamie Fernandez. Dr. Fernandez is the highest rated psychiatrist in Tampa, and one of the best in the country. Her award-winning work can help you overcome a variety of mood disorders, along with sleep and anxiety management.

How Addiction Treatment Experts Make an Impact During Your Detox Journey

You may be wondering, what role do addiction treatment experts play during detox? Specifically, they will work with you during an original assessment to learn more about your substance abuse history. They will also learn about your personal and professional life, social circles, daily environment, behaviors, thoughts, and more. All of this information will help them develop a custom detox plan for you, which may include addiction therapy services.

Once you enter the medical detox program, the specialists will be there by your side at all times. Moreover, they’ll help you with daily counseling sessions to track your progress and jot down any withdrawal symptoms. The addiction treatment experts can then make adjustments to your detox plan to ensure your safety and comfort remain intact.

As a result, you will be able to fight off withdrawal symptoms with the support you deserve. In addition, the doctors can help you transition into a Tampa FL drug rehab center once you complete the program.

Transition from Detox into Rehab

Entering detox is the first step to sobriety, but completing the program doesn’t mean you are ready to re-enter daily life. Therefore, it’s important that you transition into a rehab setting. During rehab, you will learn coping skills, relapse prevention techniques, and much more. For example, the addiction therapy services and treatments in rehab include:

During group therapy, you will learn from others in similar situations while building lifelong connections. This can be an extension of your support group for the future. In fact, therapeutic intervention during rehab is vital to your understanding of addiction and growth in recovery.

Overcome Addiction With Detox and Rehab

By committing to a medical detox program, you are making your wellbeing a priority in your life. Additionally, you are giving yourself a chance at a sober, exciting lifestyle. Our addiction treatment experts understand the courage it takes to enter treatment, and they’ll stand by your side at all times. For more information about our detox programs, contact us today at 866-223-5241.